Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I am him
and my mother
and something new never before seen
I carry his weight and my mother's
and my own never before seen
but the same story of every man before me and every man after
My burden is light for sure
but it is the only burden I know
and havent I said that it is poison to compare
but compared to the beaten neglected too soon touched
but it is the only burden I know
and therefore dangling down millstone strong
to pull me off the cedar bridge
and I lead a charmed life
the cellar is only dark without the torch light
and who would chose to walk in unending twilight

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

babel or temple

i want to be great because
i want to be worthy of creation i want
to show that this kit can build a tower
and be ravished upstream and grizzly eaten
i want that tower to be appreciated, first by the tool giver
but evidenced by my community is that the praise of men?
i cannot quite see the selfless life realized
in the pursuit of greatness

maybe selflessness is not self-diminishing
but right opinion, the positioning of self
as created, gifted, and fragile, a sum of
circumstance and features

selflessness is reaching for the magnificent as an
expression of obligation to an artist-teacher God
no, not obligation, but obedience, chosen from understanding
proportion and mountains and tired muscles and good sleep and
a days good work
diminishing is perhaps a great offense.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

look fat queen, immovable queen,
we have carried the dirt and built a palace,
let us be your chamber maid, give me your white eggs,
we will clean the carcass and the wooded floor
and multiply and clean the wooded floor
we will do as you wish fat queen
not knowing that our order plays a part,
in order and meaning,
i am just carrying your white egg.


Joel P. West (Untitled) from Gobias Media on Vimeo.