Thursday, February 26, 2009

I wonder why I love sad songs so much. 
I would say it's because I enjoy life, 
and delight on most everything. 
and because of that, I have an insecurity that my experience is two
not that I never have dark days, or troubled waters,
but that my default seems to be joy. 
and I'm thankful for that. 
but I love to love to love sad songs.  
Songs about loneliness.  
and longing for home. 
and broken relationships that remain broken. 
the truth in those songs,
I mean the rusted memories of Patty Griffin
and the lamenting histories of Ray LaMontagne
the righteous hunger in Derek Webb
and the American quiet dispair of Sufjan,
I just love to live inside them, 
set their pain beside mine,
and revel in it.
Maybe they lend me a third dimension.
- JJ.

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