Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I am worth

what if I don't create anything
no words, or laughter, or prowess.
I surround myself with creators
who are excellent
and consider myself part of them,
or I surround myself with people who create nothing
and then I create something small, and feel better than them
I am not excellent
but I am better than at least one at something
and that combined with many intangibles makes me better
than at least one
and I of course am not as good as that one
and that gives me grounds for feeling humble
though I quickly pull forth a startlingly complex equation
of many intangibles to make myself better than that one at
other things
this passes quietly inside me
comforts me without my spirit catching wind
and I move forward, feeling good about my place in the world
until someone else creates something excellent, and
I have to start adding it all up again.
The obsession with comparing ourselves to one another is 
possibly our deepest curse.  It is a richest poison.

1 comment:

Orion Pahl... said...

competition and control
like a baffled soul
left dry and hole: not whole

I totally relate to this Jed, totally.