Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Wind, The City, and The Forest.

i am a two faced man
the hand built home down dirt road lost
and the color can in hand down alleys angeles los 

the drive or canopied walk to Talk with no phone
but the nervous quake at being alone 

the challenge to throw the keyboard and paper green
but wait in line for the five second new touch screen 

the heaven is home and mystery hold for purity's promise
yet hunger in shadows for immediate fill and long doubting thomas.

the books that I read and verse that I pen
is for my own joy or the eyes of men.

I am a two faced man. 

And the one informs the other
and tempers the shrill sounds of a 
commitment neither is willing to make. 

and each longs to be free of the other
or to be overcome.

1 comment:

teegill said...

my favorite poets:

john donne
t.s. eliot
jedidiah jenkins.

i love your words