Wednesday, July 15, 2009


i have too many friends.
or at least, i know too many people that, taken in isolation, excite my heart with friendship, interest, commonality, adventure, etc.

i don't know how to celebrate the individual, every one of these islands of intrigue.
i don't know how to love the light in each ambition, each discovery, the
little or great skirmishes between self and purpose,
the insecurity of each identity, and the brilliant shine of infrequent revelation

and not be overwhelmed.
or mocked for the volume.


Orion Pahl... said...

I remember when SunDance was explaining that he, along with pretty much everyone in L.A. knew Jed... He meant it as a sort of compliment and comment on your burning woo personality.
I thought to how I once asked you if you had intended on being close to the SoCal roadies regardless of who they were. I remember how I viewed your capacity then.
But Jed, I learned that most people are not like you. Most of us have in some way or another learned our capacity to love and put an unhealthy cap on it.
I was justifying my limitations by asking you that question about pursuing relationships with team SoCal.
So keep that in mind. Most people can't fathom your inexplicable delight in people because we don't want to.

jedidiah jenkins said...

This comment means alot to me.