Friday, March 12, 2010

oil paint takes ages to dry

what is a man?
or a Man?
Is it a broad shoulder
long gate and crashing trails
or deep bearded voices that show no delight
or providing for something or someone?

is sewing the community for the feminine light footed ones?

is it facing our vices, our self service customer lust to
climb the ladder to the smoking attic,

sheeping the herd up the hill to be called a shepherd
and paid as a shepherd
more than caring for the flock?

Is it to face our vices?
Is it what 'If' tells me? I think so.

Is it coming to terms with the coming flood that
is now up to your knees and stumbling your forging step
that doesn't paint in the bold colors, someone promised, but
in gray painting water color, light pastels and earth tones,

saying I will not paint for you. Take your brush little boy
and make honest mistakes.

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