Saturday, May 7, 2011

We all agree. Yes we do. Yes.

If I am being honest,
and not the kind of honest that asks for the
permission to say hurtful things under the mask
of honesty,

but honest in the sense that I share something that
may be unpopular:

I'd say 95% of the time
I fear exploring my culture-enforced beliefs,
I fear questioning the doctrinal authority of Paul,
and the salvation story
and the implications on sin and judgment if choice is an illusion,

because of social discomfort and alienation,
rather than upsetting or frustrating or disgracing God.

I wonder what that says about my true allegiance,
and if I am unique,
and the Christian quest for truth over the establishment of a comfortable culture
and the fiction of communal accord.


Ashlee Chu said...

Jed- this is extremely well said and a fuel for powerful thinking.

Anonymous said...


Too often we remain silent, fearing the censure of the community where we belong, rather than truth-telling, that the emperor indeed has no clothes.