Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Thinking is hard. I've heard is said that
genius is nothing more than continued attention,

I think that may be true.

I am possessed by desire to know and be known and feel and be felt
and if I am not seeking, I am sinking.

I am like a shark in that way.

But I know great men and women that are not like sharks at all,
to the naked eye, they seem much more like lonely bears
that forage and eat berries (somehow supporting their mass) and sleep
and are formidable in their own way.

But maybe we are all sharks, or maybe I am a bear,
I get excited when I think I may have it all wrong, because that is fresh and I am a learner.

Here is something I think I know: We want what we are not, because at the root, we want to control all of creation, and control comes from ownership and understanding.
I believe that is why we are attracted to opposites: to grasp them, understand them, own them and control them.

We do not fear what we understand.

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e.sd said...

sharks always swim in an upward direction. they have to force themselves to continually sink. we are bears, but sharks are not all that bad and are needed to show value in being a bear. opposites create a craving for new and desire to know. walking. picking berries. eating mud pie.