Thursday, October 6, 2011

The laws were wrong

In light of the recent discovery that the speed of light is no longer the speed limit of the universe. and the other incredible discovery this year that the universe is expanding at an ever-increasing rate, meaning that some force is pushing it to move fast and faster... because physics tells us that an object will remain at a constant speed unless acted upon by a force... therefore some invisible and absolutely unknown force is at work... my framework of scientific wonder has been expanded. and wrapped up in that, my sense of spiritual wonder is again ignited as if new. The things we believe to be laws are not laws. but shadows of laws. and a few hundred years ago, it was a sin-punishable-by-death to presume that the sun did not orbit the earth... I am silenced by the beauty of discovery, and the humility of wonder, and the admonition to the Fear of G-d. It makes wonderful sense.


-bailey said...

I'm stealing this video and spreading it. So rich. So good.

Thanks for sharing.

orion... said...

Once on the drive to school I asked my mum, "why would God want anyone to fear him"

I write this here for 2 reasons: One my human parents did an excellent job at creating a belief in me that God is a loving God. and Two, i did fear God then, maybe more than i do now. Now there are answers, then there was just w o n d e r