Monday, April 6, 2009


take away the desire
through achievement or rejection
and you destroy the forward. 

if I make the summit
I must quick to find the next
or I will sink and die
like the hunters in the ocean. 

when I grasp the girl
whose shape I have dwelled on
her shape will remain
for a while, and I will grow comfortable
in my ownership, and lust again
for other mountains.  

It must be so. 
We are built for heaven, 
and meant to feel discontent here.
There is a peak beyond our lives, 
that can always be leaned on in the greatest humiliation.

Although I wonder if we can exist content.
The lack of desiring what we do not have
chokes time of its air and halts.  It cannot walk. 
It makes me frightened of heaven. 

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