Wednesday, December 15, 2010

there is man and there is woman and

i have come to believe that gender is a layered thing
in every child of God.

It is a load-baring block in the wall,
but it is not a kind or a label or the wall itself.

masculine notes. feminine crescendos.
these things matter,
but in a world of education for all
and unity for love equal to function,
there is a wife who leads the family in her firm choices.
there is a man who shows tenderness for the quiet sheep.
there is a woman who seeks first the counsel of her husband.
and there is a husband who has never known why he feels.

and this is not an abomination.

this is the varied faces of God lived out in a union,
in the complexity of this human experiment.

and this I believe:
one day, the fractured identity of mankind will be made perfect,

but I do not believe the current mingling is without it's timely perfection,

and I do not believe that redemption will produce
a cold man who leads and makes no mistakes
and a sweet woman who quietly waits for instruction.

our Lord is not so boring. and not so poor an author.


orion... said...

but not cold, nor luke-warm. and that is the best place to be, and the highest compliment i can give.

you are alive
when so many are not so. said...

jed, this post brought up emotions in me.
you see me.
even if this post was written to an audience in another life and circle, it webbed it's way into my person.
love. -eric