Sunday, January 16, 2011

Something I wrote

Something I wrote while in love with an impossible love and reading Rumi:

covered mystic poetry from a desert man
that removes the shape of
the soul, dissolving
self into The Friend,

I am possessed
marching possessed
in the mirror I hold
to set side by side
self and other and
skin - bone - breadth - hair
skill - speech - heat - hunger
pull and ignore and conquer
slave slave slave
slave slave and
not a bond-servant to

dip into mystic river,
free me. freedom. or
give me, and let it be dry.
or teach me how to
love, or what to love, or
break me, Spirit, in the Texas soil
like my sister

and sew me again and kill
me and wait, in white snow cover
for spring. or something else.

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