Sunday, March 27, 2011

One world, under Man.

secular Humanism: the belief in finding the right through reason and philosophy:
a good theology for modern government, I'd say.

Christ-centered historicism, pre or post evangelicalism, universalism in the prism of Jesus, post-emergent realism, Zionism: isms looking for the right. some truths are focused on heaven. some truths are focused on the sexy idea of truth.
some truths are grounded and fed by fear and the loneliness of the soul. no, they all are.

And the mysterious clues get picked up, like bones in the badlands, of a brontosaurus,
and legends of dragons are written,
and the Cretaceous period is mapped out day-by-day as if we were there, by men who write backwards...

and reverence for the way it is is lost.
and worship for what it must have been is a golden calf.

I love the assembly line and hate the responsibility of one life under God.

and I worship what it must have been and drink and laugh.


orion... said...

hey jed. this was a really gripping post. i feel like wrestling with things that do not take up physical space (demons, doubts, apathy, selfish plateau settling). it would also be nice to actually fight, to bleed from my face, to break sweat and push something real... though i don't know if there is a boxing gym near me, nor if i would commit to training in it if there was. write me a letter if you get a spare 30 minutes. your friend, orion

e.swansondexel said...

jed, your writing rest within similar fibers of my thoughts and sentiments recently. i wonder if the truth will ever be acquiescent to take hold of and simply exist in, while living with complete compassion for all humanity? i wonder. being hope-filled dreamers and lovers of nectar moments, we must rage at the granite slides of isms that destroy, and look within the rubble for survivors to embrace. peace an love. -eric