Friday, April 15, 2011

I do not know the seasons

“There are no miracles beyond the seasons, yet you and I do not know the seasons. And what if a season shall be made manifest in the shape of a man? In a field I have watched an acorn, a thing so still and seemingly useless. And in the spring I have seen that acorn take roots and rise, the beginning of an oak tree, towards the sun. Surely you would deem this a miracle, yet that miracle is wrought a thousand thousand times in the drowsiness of every winter and the passion of every spring. Why shall it not be wrought in the heart of man? Shall not the seasons meet in the hand or upon the lips of a Man Anointed? If our God has given to earth the art to nestle seed whilst the seed is seemingly dead, why shall He not give it to the heart of man to breathe life into another heart, even a heart seemingly dead?”

- “Jesus the Son of Man” Kahlil Gibran


abby jenkins said...

in all first glance I thought that was a sonogram...with an astronaut....and after that it was hard to take a serious stance. sorry. we'll break bread and barriers over lamb soon. love you love your brain. said...

i am i love with this posting and pondering it for a night. thank you for writing. keep writing. more and more. -eric