Sunday, August 9, 2009

Circumnavigate Intentionality.

Today, we met a man who lives in a van.
Owns his own business, surfing lessons, for 20 years.
a white van, clean and large, deliberate so as not to attract attention.
He counts money three times a year.
He looks 33 but said he is 43.
And reminded us that, while 33 is the universal age of enlightenment,
he is hoping 44 is the new 33.
Though he seemed pretty enlightened to me.
"Exchange profit for Intentionality as highest purpose," he said.
"And you will be living, not waiting to live."
How many people in this world are toiling. dirt on their hands that they hate.
not for love of hard work or purpose, but for love of a dream that is not a dream.
love of the Jones' life that is not real. love of a degree that does not nourish.
man's love of formula, pattern, and machine. we do it to ourselves.
Though I do not think that love is wrong,
I am certain that the machine is there to be overcome. We must have her,
so that in her shadow, we can find our own movement. moving away.
Not rejection, but enlightenment. Not a cop out, run out, fleeing, but inspiration, education, and character.
I learned a lot from my conversation with this man.
He invited my family to his 40 foot sail boat in Costa Rica.
He starts sailing around the world in September, and wants us to join him
for a month, any month.
With his 22 year old skipper. Learn to sail. Work. Jib. Mast.
Rebekah will go.
I just might.


orion... said...

what was his name?

jedidiah jenkins said...

Tim Sherer.

I won't forget the two times I spoke with him.

He was ripe to talk, but you would have been interested to listen, and enjoyed it I think.