Tuesday, August 25, 2009


- Walt Whitman.


orion... said...

I was so stoked. and then it was a Levi's commercial. and then i was like "what would david eggers say about this?"
and then i thought, this is good. and i should not criticize them for being cool while all the while being corporate. but i myself should work on bringing the coolness, because i am not corporate. then realized i am about to engage in a movie making competition/scholarship for antique rivet jeans (http://www.antiquerivet.com/)
and realized, maybe i am corporate. so should i do nothing to be safe?
i used to think yes.
and i know a lot of people that criticize from a place of plateau.
but i say:
no. no. no.
i do need to admit when i was or am being a sell out, and try not to be that. because people are willing to buy real things. though there a less than more; people are willing to buy real things.

Antique Rivet said...

Hey there... just came across your blog. Love that Levis video. I'm the Creative Director for Antique Rivet and am wondering if you ended up sending us a video? Don't think I have one from you and would hate to have missed it.